Praise for The Jaguar’s Children: A Novel

"Claustrophobics beware: John Vaillant’s novel The Jaguar’s Children ($26, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) takes place almost entirely inside the 10,000-gallon tank of a Dina water truck stranded near the Arizona-­Mexico border. Hector Gonzalez and his friend Cesar decide to leave Oaxaca for the United States; Hector for family reasons, and Cesar, a plant geneticist, because a Mexican Big Ag corn cartel wants him dead for exposing a sprawling conspiracy involving GMOs. The two buy in with coyotes, who seal them—along with 13 other immigrants—inside the sand-colored truck with AGUA PARA USO HUMANO inscribed on the tank. (Someone has tagged it with a J and an R, so that AGUA now reads JAGUAR.) Once safely across the border, the plan goes, the coyotes will cut a hole in the tank and free the passengers." - Outside Magazine, read the full review » "An eloquent literary dissection of the divide between the United States and Mexico." - Kirkus Review, read the full review »  

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