Interview w/ George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC’s Tonight

Interview w/ Seamus O’Regan on CTV’s CANADA AM


w/ Linda Wertheimer on NPR’s Morning Edition

w/ Marco Werman on PRI’s The World

w/ Bob Edwards on Sirius XM’s  Weekend

w/ Anna Maria Tremonti on CBC’s The Current

w/ Marty Moss-Coane on WHYY’s Radio Times (first 20 mins. w/ WWF’s Eric Dinerstein)

w/ Jian Ghomeshi on CBC’s  ‘Q’ (Dec. 3rd episode, starting @ 1:09:20)

w/ Jean Feraca on Wisc. Public Radio’s Here On Earth  (See: 11/18/10)

w/ Steve Paulson on Wisc. Public Radio’s To the Best of Our Knowledge

w/ tiger expert Dr. Alan Rabinowitz on Minn. Public Radio’s Midmorning”

w/ Jonathan Bastian on Aspen Public Radio’s Page by Page

T.C. Boyle discusses The Tiger and other beasts on NPR’s: All Things Considered


Author Q&A on

Bruce Barcott’s review in Outside

Simon Winchester’s review in The Globe & Mail

Tim Flannery’s review in The New York Review of Books

Sy Montgomery’s review in The Washington Post

Steve Weinberg’s review in The Seattle Times

Book Excerpt in Men’s Journal

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