The Tiger Book

Praise for The Tiger – a Bestseller

“A masterpieceBruce Barcott in Outside Magazine “A tale of astonishing power and vigour . . . that manages to be at once exciting, memorable – and perfectly, impeccably right.”                                                                                 – Simon Winchester in The Globe & Mail Best Books of 2010: Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times,  Christian Science Monitor, Globe & Mail, National Post, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Orion Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, American Library Association, American Booksellers Association, Canadian Booksellers Assoc., Ontario Library Association, Quill & Quire, CBC CANADA READS selection. Winner: B.C. National Book Award for Non-Fiction, CBC Award for ‘Best Overall Book’, Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Award, Banff Mountain Festival Special Jury Prize,            CBA Libris Award for Non-Fiction, Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award,                       Prix Nicolas Bouvier “My book of the year is John Vaillant’s The Tiger. . . . Rarely, if ever, has the clash between humans and wildlife been so bravely and vividly recounted.”                                    – Tim Flannery, The Weather Makers “A truly extraordinary read: dark, thrilling and utterly compelling, . . . conveys the terrible might of nature like no other book I’ve come across.”BooksellerUK (Editor’s Pick) “With The Tiger, John Vaillant has written the forest equivalent to Moby-Dick.”                   – Le Monde – France The Tiger is a staggering work.” – Jennifer Sahn, Orion Magazine “John Vaillant is a literary shaman.” Quill & Quire - Canada “Vaillant is able to empathise so fully with both human and animal protagonists that it is hard to believe he wasn’t there.”                                                                                                        - The Financial Times – UK “What makes The Tiger a grand addition to the animal-­pursuit subgenre is the sensitive way in which Vaillant evokes his cat.  Few writers have taken such pains to understand their monsters, and few depict them in such arresting prose.”                                                    - The New York Times Book Review From Annie Proulx:                                                                                                                           “The Tiger is the sort of book I very much like and rarely find. Humans are hard-wired to fear tigers, so this book will attract intense interest. In addition to tiger lore and scalding adventure, Vaillant shows us Russia’s far east and its inhabitants, their sometimes desperate lives interwoven with the economics of poaching and the politics of wildlife conservation. This is a book not only for adventure buffs, but for all of us interested in wildlife habitat preservation.” “This elegant work of narrative non-fiction has it all– beauty, intrigue, a primeval locale, fully realized characters, and a conflict that speaks to the state of our world. Obsessively well-researched and artfully written, The Tiger takes us on a journey to the raw edge of civilization, to a world of vengeful cats and venal men, a world that, in Vallant’s brilliant telling, is simultaneously haunting and enchanting.”                                                       —Hampton Sides, Ghost Soldiers, Blood and Thunder, Hellhound On His Trail “This book is magnificent, surely the best chronicle ever published of the wild Amur tigers and their human associates in Russia’s Far East. . . . To call this book a page-turner is an understatement. It’s riveting.”                                                                      –Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, The Secret Life of Dogs, The Tribe of Tiger “This book must be read by everybody who is interested in the conservation of wildlife. It takes you to the Russian wilderness to meet face-to-face with the Siberian tiger.” –  Temple Grandin, Animals in Translation, Animals Make us Human “An absolutely superb book. There have been many tiger books but none which so deeply try to probe the mind of tigers and the mind and habits of humans living in the same forest.” – George Schaller, NBA Winner, The Serengeti Lions “. . . suspenseful and majestically narrated.  Vaillant has written a mighty elegy. . .” – Publisher’s Weekly (Starred Review) “What spirits this adventure narrative from compelling to brilliant is Vaillant’s use of the tiger hunt as an allegorical lens through which to understand the cultural, economic, and environmental devastation of post-Communist Russia.”                                                               – Library Journal (Starred review) “It’s a travelogue, a natural history, the forensic unravelling of a murder scene and a jaw-dropping portrait of post-communist rural life. . . . It reads like a sci-fi novel set in a lost dystopia and yet it is the moving, enthralling portrait of some courageous, real Russians.” – Bookseller – UK (Bookseller’s Choice)

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